I’m going on tour!

… In Ireland!

I’ll be leaving for my first overseas tour in mid-July. I’m going toNorthern Ireland &  Ireland with Zeon for around 2 and a half weeks. It’ll be great fun travelling around in a campervan together and the weather should be nice as it’ll be summer over there.

I’ll also be taking some time off afterwards with my girlfriend as we’ll spend some time in England, Rome and Greece.  

Looking forward to the amazing experiences to be had as well as getting out of the usual routine!

Autumn 2017 Update – Current & Upcoming Projects

Hi guys,

I figured since we’re coming to the end of March I would put out a quarterly update on my music projects and ventures.

My current projects are with Beautiful Beasts, Zeon, The Hunter Express, Matt Darvidis Music, teaching private drum lessons and my latest teaching venture – Muso Lessons.

What’s been happening?

  • I’ve spent the last couple of months growing my private drum teaching, which is now almost at capacity so I will be expanding my teaching to a few reliable, high-quality drummers
  • I’ve been writing a couple of songs with songwriter/guitarist Matt Darvidis and producer/DJ Mitch Macaulay
  • I recently completed a series of gigs for alt/folk singer-songwriter Scott Candlish before he embarks on an adventure travelling and living overseas. We’ll be recording two singles before he leaves in May.
  • Zeon had a big St Patrick’s Day weekend playing 5 gigs over 4 days

What’s happening next?

  • Beautiful Beasts: are currently building a home studio for recording and rehearsing some upcoming releases for later in 2017. We also have a couple of shows happening over the next month or two.
  • Zeon are about to record a project. We’ll be releasing a handful of songs which will be supported by an upcoming tour of Ireland in July.
  • The Hunter Express are a project I recently got on board with to help create their debut album. They have released some pretty awesome songs in the past. This is a project I’m pretty excited to be part of.
  • Muso Lessons will be launching soon, a music teaching project made to bring great quality lessons to students of all instruments.

…Aside from that?

  • I recently chatted with a fresh face to Melbourne, Luke August. He recently released some fantastic pop songs worth investigating.
  • Rigidy Rourke (The Love Dogs) is filling in for Beautiful Beasts on bass
  • Tina Behrsin (Niine) is filling in for Beautiful Beasts on keyboard
  • Gen Lyte is filling in for Beautiful Beasts singing backing vocals
  • Andy Dobrowolski (GOAT Records) is always working on some interesting stuff and we always jam and work on a couple of songs every month. He’s also been seen filming the likes of Zeon, Scott Candlish and many other bands and events over the summer.
  • I’ll be looking at launching some specialised teaching later in the year. Including group drum and percussion classes and some more high-level drum topics for private students.  This may include Clunky&Chunky grooves, odd times that feel straight and great, hip hop drums and a couple of others.

That’s it for now. If you’re interested in getting involved or learning more feel free to email me at tylercampbellmusic@hotmail.com.