January 2018 Update

A quick update on what I’ve been up to the past six months and a look into what’s planned for 2018.

What’s been happening?

Since my first overseas tour in Ireland with Zeon in July, Paige and I spent some time travelling England, Italy & Greece. Since then I have been busy with…


I have been busy teaching privately as well as at a primary school in Hawthorn. I ran my first drum concert in Dec ’17 where all of my current students performed a piece, drumming along to a song of their choice. They all played fantastically and have a video to take away and look back on forever.

The Hunter Express:

I worked with Brad from The Hunter Express back in April helping him record his debut album.  The new self-titled album featured some great musicians and was released in Dec ’17. We also performed the some of the album songs live at Newmarket Studios (where we recorded the album)

Scott Candlish:

Scotty released two songs in November 2017: Stranger & Halfway which I had a pleasure playing drums on.


The work of Matt Darvidis, Mitch Macaulay and I throughout 2017 resulted in the release of Melt.’s debut single: For Too Long. We had a blast making music and cutting our teeth on Ableton Live with Macca’s skills keeping us on track.

Beautiful Beasts:

At BB HQ, we finished writing our 2nd EP (to be released) recorded from home. We also played at Happy Wanderer festival which was great fun. Here’s a clip of us gettin’ funky in preparation.

Brian El Dorado & the Tuesday People:

I played for my first time with Brian El Dorado which was a thrill. He is a wild frontman and we had a tonne of fun playing at The Spotted Mallard and at Tanglewood festival for New Year’s Eve. Brian’s band always features different members. I think he said in one year of gigging I was the 27th member to play in the band!?!


Zeon did plenty of gigs including a show in Geelong for our latest EP.

Here is a clip of us chilling on top of some castle-looking outlook  in Ireland

What’s coming up?

This Year –


This year I’ll be introducing drum camps into my teaching for more in-depth and specific knowledge about drumming. We’ll be going deep not only on drums but also the music industry and drumming industry.

The Hunter Express:

We’ll be busy again with more exciting releases in 2018. Brad is a monster and I can’t wait to see what pans out for The Hunter gang in 2018.

Beautiful Beasts:

The EP is coming! We’ll be releasing the first single off the new EP over the next couple of months.


Zeon has a busy year ahead including Koroit Irish festival and a couple of other little gems to be revealed.

I can’t wait to see 2018 pan out as it’ll be an interesting year!

Winter Update 2017 – Recording & Touring

Half a year down!

After my last check in around Autumn, I thought I had better give another seasonal update on what’s been happening. We are almost at the halfway point of the year, it’s flying by! It’s been a busy couple of months – recording gigging and building! I’ve done a couple of little festivals with Zeon including Koroit Irish Festival for the second year in a row. At Beautiful Beasts HQ we built our own home studio which we’ve been equipping and jamming in.

Projects – Recording, Gigging, Touring

I’ve spent most of June recording with Beautiful Beasts for our upcoming EP at the end of the year. Our first show in ages is this Saturday at The Retreat.

I’ve also been busy recording Zeon’s EP which is coming out over the next couple of weeks.

I recently finished my first single with Matt Darvidis and Mitch Macaulay for our upcoming project, we’ll be releasing it with a video over the next couple of months. I’m currently preparing to record a couple of tracks for the upcoming album with The Hunter Express too which I’m excited to be a part of. These projects are still in the works up until I leave for an Ireland tour in July with Zeon, followed by a European summer getaway to England & Greece.

These projects are still in the works up until I leave for an Ireland tour in July with Zeon. After the tour, my girlfriend and I will be taking some time off for a European summer getaway to England, Rome & Greece.

We’re all pretty excited about the tour and holiday and have been frantically getting organised. 


I’m still teaching privately around the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne which has been a lot of fun. I am always open to squeezing in one extra private student. Between rehearsals, recording, gigging and teaching music though my availability is almost obliterated at this point. But I love teaching new students and always learn something new from every student. 

I’m looking forward to some summer weather in Europe and avoiding the end of the Melbourne Winter.