Winter Update 2017 – Recording & Touring

Half a year down!

After my last check in around Autumn, I thought I had better give another seasonal update on what’s been happening. We are almost at the halfway point of the year, it’s flying by! It’s been a busy couple of months – recording gigging and building! I’ve done a couple of little festivals with Zeon including Koroit Irish Festival for the second year in a row. At Beautiful Beasts HQ we built our own home studio which we’ve been equipping and jamming in.

Projects – Recording, Gigging, Touring

I’ve spent most of June recording with Beautiful Beasts for our upcoming EP at the end of the year. Our first show in ages is this Saturday at The Retreat.

I’ve also been busy recording Zeon’s EP which is coming out over the next couple of weeks.

I recently finished my first single with Matt Darvidis and Mitch Macaulay for our upcoming project, we’ll be releasing it with a video over the next couple of months. I’m currently preparing to record a couple of tracks for the upcoming album with The Hunter Express too which I’m excited to be a part of. These projects are still in the works up until I leave for an Ireland tour in July with Zeon, followed by a European summer getaway to England & Greece.

These projects are still in the works up until I leave for an Ireland tour in July with Zeon. After the tour, my girlfriend and I will be taking some time off for a European summer getaway to England, Rome & Greece.

We’re all pretty excited about the tour and holiday and have been frantically getting organised. 


I’m still teaching privately around the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne which has been a lot of fun. I am always open to squeezing in one extra private student. Between rehearsals, recording, gigging and teaching music though my availability is almost obliterated at this point. But I love teaching new students and always learn something new from every student. 

I’m looking forward to some summer weather in Europe and avoiding the end of the Melbourne Winter.

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