Paradiddle inversions! [video]

Paradiddle Practice!

This is a video from my instagram based around paradiddles. Switching different stickings that are so similar can be confusing. All these paradiddles are actually the exact same sticking they just start on a different part of the pattern.


Going through the inversions here I play:

  1. Standard [RLRR LRLL]
  2. Inward    [RLLR LRRL]
  3. Reverse   [RRLR LLRL]
  4. Outward [RLRL LRLR]

To explain how the inversions are the same look at the following:


Picking a different note to start on can completely change how a sticking sounds. We’re not actually changing the notes, just the positioning, which alters how we hear it.


I used a very simple formula putting these paradiddles around the kit.

  • The double strokes are on the snare drum (left and right hand doubles).
  • The right hand singles are on the floor tom
  • The left hand singles are on the rack tom

So for the paradiddle the orchestration is floor, rack, snare, snare, rack, floor, snare, snare.

Apply it!

Practice this at one tempo (slow!!!) to start. Loop it and make sure it is comfortable. Then stop, adjust your tempo up a little bit and repeat.

See if you can use these different paradiddles around the kit, as fills, on toms & crashes, in grooves and anywhere else that they make sense!

Taking it further

If you’re interested in learning more email me [] and we can simply chat online, or organise lessons!

If you have no idea what this post is about but you’re interested in learning the drums (and more words like paradiddle, pataflafla & swiss army triplet) then email me [] and we’ll chat!

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